“Buy-Put aside!” - time to collect coupons from “Cleanelly-tekStyle house” stores

You can receive promotional coupons “Buy-Put aside!” in “Cleanelly-tekStyle house” stores across the country for each purchase from 1000 robles. Accumulation stage will continue till March 31st. Second stage will launch on April 1st, during this period you can pay with the coupons for your purchases in “Cleanelly-tekStyle house” stores. A coupon consists of two mini-coupons; each of them has value of 500 robles and is marked with unique barcode. One mini-coupon may be used in April, and another one – in May. A coupon can be used for payment if the coupon discount does not exceed 20% of the purchase sum. You need to observe the following rules when paying with coupons: mini-coupons do not sum up, mini-coupons are not accepted if you pay with a gift card, and discount cards are not applied if you pay with a coupon. But, coupon purchase amount will be summed up with the amount accumulated on your discount card. So, “Buy-Put aside!” accumulation stage will last till March 31st. During this time you can collect coupons, each consisting of two mini-coupons. Period from 1st till 30th of April is time to buy using April mini-coupons, and period from 1st till 31st May is time to buy using May mini-coupons.

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