Collection Bellezza vintage brand Cleanelly Collection – oriental motives with european traditions.


Autumn collection Bellezza vintage represents an eclectic plot of the mysterious East with the nobility of Venetian aesthetics.

Bellezza vintage in Italian means "vintage beauty". The shades for the collection are soft and delicate, like a calming autumn. They give a romantic mood and serenity. Female models of the collection are executed in delicate colors of pale pink dogwood, lilac chalk and peach nectar. Male is shades of wet asphalt, agate gray and byzantine blue.

The theme of the collection Bellezza vintage dictates a combination of the same prints in the female and male directions. The marvelous "garnet flower" is the most popular oriental motive on the fabrics of the Renaissance. The print "Venetian lattice" has always been considered a sign of luxury and good taste. Collection complements fashionable "skin of reptiles".

Bathrobes are presented with terry models with relief and velor effect, with coupons and embroidery. Towels of the autumn collection Bellezza vintage according to centuries-old traditions are decorated with "garnet flower". The products seem to be inlaid with a silver chain made of polyester. Terry sheet repeat the design of towels: they boldly combine classics and animalism, creating a vintage storyline.

Collection Bellezza vintage - an attractive combination of oriental originality and a restrained color palette of Europe.

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