Mediterranean charm with the new autumn collection Leggende di Algambra!


Carved oriental patterns of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, magnificent palaces and warm Mediterranean evenings inspired our designers to create the new autumn collection Leggende di Algambra, which means "Legends of the Alhambra".

The eclecticism of that ancient architectural monument is closely connected with the stylistic orientation of the collection – Cleanelly designers have combined some modern trendy prints with traditional oriental patterns. However, such a sophisticated combination of trendy diamond-patterns, "damask patterns" and ropes creates an unusual harmony, reminding us of that mysterious Mediterranean castle.

There are two lines for men and women in the collection, including three models of bathrobes, towels, terry sheets and mats. The color palette of the women's line, represented with warm and delicate shades of Japanese rose, Jasmine and Amethyst, agrees with the conservative tones of Prussian blue, Denim, and Pearl river in the men’s line, which gives you the opportunity to combine the products in the interior design.

Soft terry bathrobes will protect you from the autumn weather and will allow you to feel the warmth and coziness of your own home. Thanks to the exquisite designs and soft calm tones such products will emphasize the individuality of the host and hostess.

Terry bed sheets, decorated with rich arabesque patterns, will allow you to feel yourself in an oriental fairy tale and will warm you during the cool autumn evenings. Our towels all made of pure cotton will become an irreplaceable accessory in your bathroom, reminding with its ornament of the eastern palaces decorations. The autumn collection Leggende di Algambra also includes terry mats that can serve as a final touch in your interior design.

Enjoy the mellow season and autumn with a mysterious collection Leggende di Algambra by Cleanelly!

We’d like to thank our partner - VERONA mobili, for giving us the possibility to make new collection photos in their gorgeous interiors!

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