New designs for the hotel industry


A special activity area of our company is the production of ready collections of terry products for the hospitality industry. When creating these collections, we use cotton yarn of the highest quality and special manufacturing technology, so the products get exceptional functionality and durability.

We are happy to present our new designs of the hotel group: Inn and Deluxe.

To improve the lasting qualities of the products we used blended yarn (polyester and cotton) in different ratios in the basis of the products for the first time. The loop base is still made of 100% cotton.

Terry towel Deluxe

  • Product density – 490-515 g/m2
  • Increased number of threads in the loop base and the ground warp of the products. The pile is dense and short, but at the same time soft
  • Good absorbency
  • Minimal shrinkage in width and length after washing. After 10 washes at 95 ° C, the total shrinkage of the product was 2-2,2% (standard value of this indicator is 8%)
  • In the ground base and weft of the products we use blended yarn composing 20% polyester + 80 % cotton. This allows increasing significantly the lasting qualities not only of longitudinal and transverse edges, but of the whole product in general, since the implication of the polyester in the ground and weft yarn allowed us to increase significantly the indicators of the breaking load that the product can withstand.
  • The composition of the loop base is 100% cotton.

Terry towel Inn

  • Product density - 380 g/m2
  • Single yarn in the loop base allowed us to make soft, fluffy and absorbent towels with a low density
  • The use of the composition 40% polyester + 60% cotton in the weft yarn has greatly increased the durability of the longitudinal edges of the products, because their destruction in the process of exploitation occurs because of the weak weft threads.
  • The composition of the loop base is 100% cotton.

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