Our recomsHotel towels and bathrobes


Our company produces original textile products in company-issued style with the logo of the customer for restaurants, beauty salons, wellness and sports centers, advertising agencies and corporate clients. Wide production capabilities allow us to select the correct size, color and density of the product, process of fabric manufacturing and logo, as well as use of decorative materials and elements.

A special focus of our activity area is the production of ready collections of terry products for the hospitality industry. Creating these collections, we use cotton yarn of the highest quality and special manufacturing technologies, so the products have not only excellent designs, but also exceptional functionality and durability. You can buy the products for the hospitality industry, addressing our regional representatives.

The hotel group includes five towels: Deluxe, Inn, Hotel, Bagno Da (twisted yarn), Da Bagno (single yarn) and two bathrobes: terry Da bagno and waffle Confetto.

All bathrobes and towels are of high lasting qualities, therefore they are ideal for intensive use in hotels, SPAs, pools, beauty salons and fitness clubs. Different manufacturing techniques and characteristics of the models allow choosing the right product according to the needs of a client.

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