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Cleanelly bathrobes, towels and bedsheet-covers will last longer if you follow some professional care tips.

You should always wash your new item before first use. This can cause some water coloring – but this is natural for the first wash of terry fabric, when the small fibers are washed away. This will not influence the appearance and the color density of the item.

Wash white, black and multicolor items separately using special detergents – for multicolor and black items as well as bleaches for the whites.

Too much softener can reduce the absorbency of terry items.

Avoid close contact between colored items and face&body cleansers to reduce the risk of bleach spots.

Pulled threads that appear due to contact with sharp things (watch, zip fasteners, pegs etc) can be easily removed with a pair of scissors. Terry towels are woven, so the snipped area won't run. I

f you follow these simple tips you will enjoy a soft touch of Cleanelly Home Textiles for many days to come!

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